A sample of my recent work

Cohesive email management across the Stack Overflow product family

A case study about designing and shipping an email management system that fit the needs of our ecosystem of online communities and business products.

Identity and visual design for Japanese Language Stack Exchange

A case study about creating an identity and visual design for Japanese Language Stack Exchange, inspired by the experience of learning a new language.

Making it easier for users to find relevant jobs at Stack Overflow

A case study about shipping a new job search experience.

Leading research on Stack Overflow’s Community team

An overview of the team’s research evolution, which methods we currently use, and why.

Shipping holistic design at your organization

A guide for designers and product folks who want to advocate for holistic design changes, when to do it, and how to do it effectively.

Building product for expert users

A guide for product folks who interact with highly engaged users and seek to balance their needs against the rest of the user base.